Walk through history at the FREE laser tag museum!

As you enter Lazer Blaze, you step right into the Laser Tag Museum. On either side of you is a unique collection of laser tag equipment that can not be found anywhere else. Take your time to look over some of the special items on display and read through the history and progress of laser tag over the years. Perhaps you will even relive a few moments of nostalgia with the various vests of the past.

We are proud to have donated our front hallway walls to house the museum as well as many of the items inside it. For more detailed information regarding the history of the industry and the exhibit, check out the museum's webpage. Admission is always free!

"The Laser Tag Museum is dedicated to preserving the history and story of the 30 year old laser tag industry. Laser tag is a game enjoyed by millions of people all over the world every month. Laser tag is played in arenas, in outdoor settings, in parks and in homes.

The nature of laser tag has grown from a sport for young adults in Dallas, TX to a pasttime played in over 70 countries and a multitude of languages. Laser tag is referenced in pop culture in TV shows, movies and songs.

The purpose of the Laser Tag Museum is to store and preserve all aspects of the laser tag industry. Our initial focus was on the commercial arena laser tag product. Now, we have hundreds of toy laser tag products in our archives. We have a growing collection of outdoor (aka tactical) laser tag products on display."